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Auernheimergasse 57

1220 Vienna, Austria



the Project


KG Essling (01654) EZ 2688 / Grundstücksnummer: 318/55


The Project is located in the 22nd district of Vienna, one of the most comfort and picturesque residential areas in the Austrian capital - Donaustadt. Here there is always a possibility to catch a breath of fresh air and relax among nature whilst still feeling the hustle of city life. This unique blend simply cannot be achieved in the center of the city.   Your house is located not far from the “Old Danube” River, which offers countless  possibilities for sunbathing, jogging, biking, skating or a simple but necessary walk to get away from the day to day worries and to fully immerse yourself into the breathtaking environment.


Also, you will find various cozy cafés and fine restaurants which will satisfy your cravings any time of the day. . It shall be noted that with the increasingly popular trend of “living in greener areas”, our houses in Donaustadt will be ideal for those of you who want to become part of this environment supporting trend.. This trend, combined with a well established transport connection to the city center and the lower/reasonable property purchase price range, makes the location and property more attractive (and serves as an additional incentive for moving to this area).

From your house Viennese shopping facilities (DZ-Donauzentrum) are  a walking distance away, and the city center of Vienna can be reached within 20 minutes by car or 30 min by public  transportation. The airport is also not too far off, with only a 25 to 30 minute drive by car depending on the hour of the day. Everything needed for a comfortable and easy lifestyle is in immediate vicinity: schools, kindergartens, post office, doctors, and pharmacies .

The apartments and houses will be developed with the high quality fit-outs to meet or even exceed the demands/dreams of future clients§. Thus, the construction plan of the houses completely renovates and redesigns the apartments with innovative modernized finishing, including redecoration, equipped bathrooms (and WC), finished floors, and painted walls.



Sellable Area: 80.876 m2

Land Area: 1.050 m2



construction of 6

semi-detached houses


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