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Viennese Premiere Real Estate Development Agency.

Where dreams come home.


Since 2016 Valetono Development GmbH specializes in residential property development.

Having an existing portfolio of properties in various stages of development at top locations in Austria, Vienna city and its suburbs.

Valetono Development GmbH is privately owned and strives to be the retail real estate partner of choice. By offering retailers the best locations, we contribute to their success and thus to that of our investors.

The Valetono Team has specific knowledge and experience relevant to real estate development and management. We have established a legal identity for our business, and built strong relationships with construction professionals to ensure that we can rely on them for timely and quality work.



Our main objective encompasses activities ranging from the renovation to the purchase of raw land as well as the sale of developed land and parcels. Our team coordinates all of these activities, converting ideas from paper to real property and, ultimately, to your own property. We cater to the needs of our clients in terms of design, functionality, cost and location by observing international trends to deliver top quality products and fulfill your expectations.



Our Team initiates, manages, und supervises all the necessary processes in our projects from ensuring clear title deeds for every project to control progress of our construction projects on site.

Our multilingual Team has a profound expertise in legal, economic, technical, and social areas to maintain the professional flexibility required.

We support full transparency to our partners, customers, and investors.



Construction & Renovation

For our projects, we are engaging Austrian construction companies with strong construction and renovation skills.

Valetono Development GmbH is licensed as fully qualified master-builder, having employed an exceptional Baumeister, who has been working in this sphere successfully for 34 years.



Explore our  successful past and our prospering current projects, and find out how we help our projects succeed with our extensive industry experience and real estate management expertise.


Mag. Matvei Hutman | General Director   
  Christina Mayr M.Sc. | Licensed Real Estate Developer & Marketing
Mario Sieber, PhD | Deputy Director 
Grosina Herwig | Head of Construction    

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