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Beatrixgasse 13

2380 Perchtoldsdorf, Austria

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the Project


KG Perchtoldsdorf (16121) EZ 121 GST-NR 265/1


The apartment complex is located in the quiet centre of the traditional town of Perchtoldsdorf.

Perchtoldsdorf uniquely combines urban/comfortable quality of living with true Austrian tradition. For centuries, the most beautiful wine regions of Austria are found in Perchtoldsdorf. The town has remarkably been able to upkeep many of its alluring historical buildings, ranging from secular to the sacred religious buildings established in the Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque periods, such as the fortified tower or the Herzogsburg Castle.

The Freizeitzentrum Perchtoldsdorf offers  during every season a variety of sports and recreational activities, such as ice skating, curling, sauna, climbing, and many others.  Numerous hiking trails and destinations as well as trails for running, mountain biking, and cycling provide a revitalization  from everyday stress. The close proximity to the Wienerwald, honored by UNESCO as the “biosphere park”, offers another great location for you to de-stress.  

In addition, the infrastructure includes all essential facilities and offers excellent public transportation which helps you get anywhere you want in minutes and making Perchtoldsdorf the ideal location for you.



Sellable Area: 19.898 m2

Land Area: 2.231 m2



For the construction of 12 flats


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