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Agavenweg 22

1220 Vienna, Austria



the Project


KG 01652 / EZ 1855 / Grundstücksnummer 39/3, 39/6, 41


Always wanted to live in the city but at the same time be connected with nature? In the 22nd district, Donaustadt, there is always a possibility to catch a breath of fresh air and relax among nature whilst still feeling the hustle of city life. This unique blend simply cannot be achieved in the center of the city.


Our Project is located one of the most comfortable and picturesque residential areas in/of Vienna. Just a few minutes away from your houses, you will find the “Old Danube” River (“Alte Donau”) which offers countless  possibilities for sunbathing, jogging, biking, skating or a simple but necessary walk to get away from the day to day worries and to fully immerse yourself into the breathtaking environment.  The various cafés and restaurants here guarantee a one of a kind atmosphere no matter whether you feel like eating dinner at an upscale restaurant, ordering in from your favorite place, or a casual brunch at the local café.

Nowadays, the trend of “living in green areas” is growing which is exactly what Donaustadt offers. This trend, combined with a well-established transport connection to the city center and the lower/reasonable property purchase price range makes both the location and property more attractive (and serves as an additional incentive for moving to this area). 



Sellable Area: 19.898 m2

Land Area: 2.231 m2



The land for construction is rented

in a special legal form of “Baurecht”.

The construction plan foresees the building of:
-18 town-houses with gardens, balconies and terraces
-18 parking places

A gallery with the construction plan will be soon available on the website


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