Leopoldauerstraße 155a

1210 Vienna, Austria

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the Project

KG Leopoldau (01613) EZ 1225


Our project is based in  the quiet 21st district of Vienna, ideal for the construction of semi-detached houses. Due to excellent location, each house has a large garden space. Your house will be in  a quiet place with excellent infrastructure. Several conveniently located bus  stations  surround the the houses giving you the perfect opportunity to either go to the center of the city anytime or to enjoy the peaceful district.


Numerous retail shops ranging from the grocery store to exquisite clothing boutiques grant you possibility to purchase anything you wish for. Parks and green areas which provide you with a place to relax and reenergize surrounded by nature are located within walking distance from your apartment as well. The area offers a wide range of leisure and cultural activities for you to pursue. It shall be noted that the trend of “living in greener areas” is increasing year by year and this location is perfect for those of you who want to join this environmental trend. All of the benefits we have listed combined with the lower/reasonable property purchase price range (compared to the real estate prices in the overly crowded 1st district of Vienna), makes the location and property more attractive for all our clients and we promise that you will love it here too.

The apartments/houses  are being developed with  top quality designs from the outside and inside to meet the demands of future buyers in this location. Thus, the construction plan of the houses completely renovates and redesigns the apartments with innovative modernized finishing, including redecoration, equipped bathrooms (and WC), finished floors, and painted walls.



Sellable Area: 1.250 m2

Land Area: 1.518 m2



construction of
- 5 semi-detached houses
-12 underground parking spaces


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